Custom Koozies and How to Choose the Best.


One of the best and special items that ought to accompany cans and bottles at any party be for friends, family or business clients is koozies. Custom koozies are necessary for helping you in preventing wasted warm drinks. They ensure that the drinks remain ice-cold and in the long run, that saves you money. In addition to that, they are very good tools of advertising in the corporate world since they make it possible for companies to imprint their company logo, store address, websites, phone number and message right to the koozie. By doing that, the clients will not throw away the koozie, and they will want to preserve it for use in the future.


This is a plus for the company since any time a client will be using it; they will remember the company as it has the details of it on it. A koozie, therefore, is even better compared to a business card as the card can get lost. On the other hand, the client will have the koozie for a very long time. When a company is having some very special events say like a fundraising event, a tradeshow or giving door prize gifts, they can use the custom koozies for the promotion about their business and more so advertise any new sale they might be having in stock.


It is also possible to personalize koozies and then utilize them in personal and special events. For example, you can use them in graduations, weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and Christmas parties. It is possible to design them with some serious or funny quotes and then put the names of the host together with the date of the event. Even more, it is possible to customize them in the color that you want and in any design. You can have pictures, graffiti, gemstones, and any other thing you might want to include, check it out!


If it is possible to design and make a custom koozie, those are the best. It is possible to craft the homemade ones from any item that you have at your residence or even purchase one at a craft store. Some of the things you can use include cotton, felt, feathers and material from old clothing. With glue, the material will adhere to the surface. In addition, if you have a sewing machine, you can embroider a monogram to a koozie. Also, it is possible to make one with your hands to ensure that it gives you the best look. Whichever way you decide to make the koozie, you will love how it keeps your drinks cold. Watch this video at for more details about koozies.

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